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Paris show


A regrettable note from the road:

During last night's Stray Cats performance in Paris, France, what
appeared to be a switchblade knife was thrown onstage late in the show. Brian was struck in the hand by the object. Although he was quite shaken but not seriously injured by this act of complete stupidity, he tried to carry on and complete all of the songs that the Cats had intended to perform. This incident and the fear that the next item thrown may have seriously injured himself, Slim Jim Phantom or Lee Rocker made continuing the show impossible.

Because of the dangerous actions of 1 spectator, the sold-out crowd was robbed of a full program. 5999 people came out to have fun and celebrate the last Stray Cats show in Paris and 1 nutter tarnished what could have been an incredible memory for all who filled the Zenith. Thankfully, Brian's hand was only bruised and at last report, he will be fine. Had that blade taken another path, we may have been reporting a much different situation. Thankfully we are not.

Because we don't want to read pages and pages of commentary regarding
this issue (and also because of other reasons we don't want to get into)
the Fan Forum has been officially closed until further notice.


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